Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron

“The Squadron” has been established since 1869 and is steeped in history, tradition and beauty. The grounds of the squadron reach over many hectares with the jewel being its main two story clubroom, dinghy shed and expansive lawned area.

The “dinghy shed” is reminisce of the beach huts on Brighton beach in Victoria, a wooden floored space surrounded by coloured doors to the sail lockers of many members. It leads through to a very inviting and history filled bar that then flows into an expansive deck area overlooking the marina full of historic and much loved vessels.

Upstairs is a more formal affair, a very large space with balcony overlooking the whole complex. Ideal for weddings and corporate events it boasts a fully functioning commercial kitchen and bar. There is even a library filled with historical editions dating back many years.

The lawned area is stunning, most whom enter the gates and see this environment cannot believe it exists here. It has hosted many a wedding and event over its 100 years at this venue.

The Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron (RSAYS) began its life as the South Australian Yacht Club (SAYC) on 5 November 1869. On 25 October 1890 Her Majesty Queen Victoria granted the title Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron, which it has borne ever since. The Admiralty warrant authorising wearing of the Blue Ensign was dated 4 November 1890.

The Squadron welcome our community and visiting cruise ship guests, not only to these events but at any time to enjoy our hospitality and or participate in many sailing and social activities on offer.